The Alchemist
Island of the Sequined Love Nun
Rules of the Wild
The Solitaire Mystery
The Tesseract
Poisonwood Bible
The Reader
Rocket City
The Names

tom robbins
christopher moore
don delillo
alex garland
lauren henderson

"He would never finish the story. She started laughing and couldn't stop. I hadn't imagined she could laugh at all but his last remark sent a light to her face, almost broke it apart in a kind of whimpering mirth. Soon he was laughing too. They seemed to take their good feeling beyond the story he'd been telling. She sat facing the windshield, making that helpless sound. Their laughter had points of contact, found each other like instruments in a brass quintet, communicating subtle and lovely things."

the Names - don delillo


Dreaming in Cuban - Cristina Garcia
The Storyteller - Mario Vargas Llosa
Lila - Robert Pirsig


White Oleander - Janet Fitch
Chained - Lauren Henderson
The Samurai's Wife - Laura Joh Rowland
White Teeth - Zadie Smith

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