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blue line:logan square

March 28, 2002

alright, who's going to bonnaroo?

i'm thinking more & more about this festival - even though i have a bit of a nagging feeling about it. they just keep adding more & more acts; some i haven't seen in years, others i just haven't had the chance to see in the midwest.

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protect yourself --- my roommate has been subject to credit fraud!

j3s put together a nice summary of events, with the phone numbers you can call to request "fraud security alerts" from the 3 major credit agencies. it's easy, quick, and a good idea - click here for credit fraud info.

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March 26, 2002

to the chitown kids - watch out when parking under the L tracks:

parking under the elevated train tracks, a banned but common practice in many areas, soon will be allowed for a fee in select neighborhoods as part of a long-awaited CTA initiative to clean up littered strips below the L and ease the crunch on residential streets.

in particular, in coming weeks, vehicles parked on CTA-owned strips near the brown line's rockwell and western stations must start displaying special permits showing that the owners paid a $50 monthly fee.

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March 25, 2002

i've been doing some computer maintenance here at work - been out of the office so much, and i recently inherited a better PC. so, i'm finally taking a few minutes to download lost programs, move stuff around, clean it up, etc.

here's the best part: this bad-boy has it's own sound card, which i JUST discovered. so, i pulled out my little stash of cd's i keep here at work, and i just had to reiterate how much i love bitter by me'shell ndegeocello - this is such a great CD! i'm bringing it home tonight and putting it back into rotation.

while i'm on it, feel free to check out gigi, a self-titled debut with some of the top jazz musicians out there today, including our lovely herbie hancock. miss leblanc recommended this awhile back & it gets a massive thumbs up from me!

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j3s sent me this link last week, and given my upcoming foray into yoga, i thought i'd link it for anyone else thinking of taking a class: the author breaks down four of the most common forms of yoga, and gives a synopsis of each. a nice, short article, great for someone ready to take this plunge. btw, i will be taking the iyengar form at yoga circle in chicago.

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another great weekend - started out a bit early with a great show on thursday night: the new deal / herbie hancock at the house of blues. herbie was a bit too mellow at times, although he still has the chops! i really enjoyed the new deal, and i hope they come around on a full tour soon!

some other highlights of the weekend:

- attending a paper making class at columbia college center for book & paper. i highly recommend the $20 one-day class for anyone mildly interested in either paper making or book binding. both classes provide access to their incredible studios, without making a committment to one of the more expensive ongoing classes;

- shopping on the mag mile with a bunch of friends yesterday;

- watching some great college basketball. since illinois couldn't make it past kansas, i'm now strongly pulling for a maryland vs. indiana final - i know rick would also LOVE to see kansas go down in atlanta!

i'm back in the office this week, so i'll be catching up on some much-needed correspondence and nagging tasks - fun, fun, fun!

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March 21, 2002

i must watch the rebroadcast of the rock & roll induction ceremony of 2002 - i can't believe the talking heads performed three songs together?! it's been 18 years, and supposedly it went very well:

"Meanwhile, Talking Heads fans who tune in Wednesday night to see VH1's broadcast of the Rock Hall induction can take heart. When asked backstage if they will ever get back together, the sometimes quarrelsome quartet didn't exactly rule it out."

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March 19, 2002

what the hell is going on with yahoo these days? is anyone else [yahoo users, that is] experiencing problems with their mail?

i'm just now finding out that not only are messages coming in days late, but there are messages that have never even gotten to me! um, yeah, that's just great! so, if you haven't heard from me, and you sent me something that deserved a reply, it's possible that i've yet to receive it!

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March 18, 2002

evidence from sunday: jes' photos from the south side irish parade. good times had by all!

gonna be another busy week, but i'm hoping to check out a new restaurant with jes - la scarola. that is, if we can fit it into our busy schedules. we're both pretty swamped this week, and our roommate amanda is heading off for a trip to the forests of the pacific NW - i think i'll live vicariously through mandy this week ;-)

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March 15, 2002

to my sushi-obsessed roommates, i offer a compromise:

this comes from my boss, who introduced us to the babaluci. we must check out shine - "provides a one-two asian cuisine punch that lets diners enjoy shine's szechwan, mandarin and hunan dishes on one side, or cross over to morida for some pacific rim sushi." and the best part is that you can order off both menus no matter which restaurant you're seated in!

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March 14, 2002

things have been a bit hectic lately. i really can't go into detail, i don't like discussing some personal things in such a public environment. i know that ariel specifically lists this behavior as something she's sick of seeing in blogs, but hey, it's my site. if you really know & respect me, shoot me an email and i'll get down into the nitty-gritty.

actually, things are a bit on the up & up.

my roommates & i have been spending a lot of time at our new favorite bar, the map room - located just down the street from the apartment. this place is great - good location, nice atmosphere, and TONS of great beers [it's their specialty], including delirium tremens on TAP! if you've never had the opportunity to get silly drinking DT's - i highly suggest you go out & find a decent liquor store that carries this brand - you won't be disappointed.

of course, i've got more to say, but not enough time, so i'll leave you with a link:

i'll be drunk by noon on sunday at the annual south side irish parade - shit, it's a legacy within my family, and my friends are finally coming to see what it's all about!

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i'm still here, but barely.....i'll try to do a nice update today at lunch.

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March 7, 2002

just a quick fyi - my little email form along the sidebar is currently not working. bravenet is experiencing some problems, but they are working hard to get the system back up & running. until then, feel free to leave a note in the guestbook, if you so choose...

life is hectic these days. splitting time between my office and a clients' place - as well as preparing to teach my first advanced training class tomorrow. kinda nervous, but it should go well. just need glance over the manual again tonight, right after survivor! hopefully i can get a bit more in later, as i've been quiet the past few days due to all the running around - packing up & heading home right now!

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March 4, 2002

it's that time again - are you ready for illini march madness? the big ten witnessed a first this year - 4 teams tie for the title, including illinios, indiana, ohio state and wisconsin. this should be an interesting big ten tournament!

six feet under offered up a great 2nd season premiere last night. i wasn't sure what to make of the whole "movie premiere" feeling, as this is the first time i've seen any premiere of an HBO series - but, the episode lived up to the hype! my first introduction to this series was in charlotte over the summer while visiting sj. soon after, we realized it was finally time to get HBO, if even for six feet under and the sopranos alone. now, i'm hooked & given our love for the simpsons, it means we're finally putting the VCR to work. also, anyone know how to bypass the cable box & tape something while watching another program? that would really be a big help!

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