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blue line:logan square

July 30, 2002

happy 25th birthday to me!

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July 26, 2002

during my domesticated friday night, i learned that you can remove olive oil pretty easily from clothes by sprinkling some baking soda onto the stain and ironing the back of it. the heat makes the oil dissolve & poof - now i don't feel so bad about staining a new pair pants i had only worn for the first time.

and, as testament to my ecletic tastes in music, i offer the selections picked up at rock records on my way home from work:

j-live | all of the above
john mayer | room for squares
various jazz artists | verve remixed

now, which one should i take on the ride to the store?

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July 23, 2002

i'm constantly amazed and straight-up shocked at how small this world is............the communities we build get smaller & smaller everyday! in the past week or so, i've had a bunch of random relationships come together & i'm just sitting here thinking about it today. and, how lucky we all are - yes, that's my ultra-positive freak side coming through; deal with it.

okay, on to more exciting things:

my best friend is coming to town this weekend - for a whole 9 days! i'm letting sj borrow my ride to go visit her family and the urbana crew during the week while i'm at work. we're going to see umphrey's this saturday and austin powers: goldmember on sunday before she leaves for a few days.........

then, the city of chicago is throwing me a big bash on my 25th birthday next tuesday; isn't that nice of them? i'm hoping to get a little crew together to go watch a hard day's night up at the chicago outdoor film festival - i'm ashamed to say i've yet to catch one of the free movies, but this sounds like as good a time as any. plus, it's the beatles!

since i'm going to be turning 25 this year, i've decided it's time for another party - yes, that's right, we're returning to armitage once again on saturday, august 3rd. be there, you've been warned!

lastly, i owe mad email. what else is new?

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July 19, 2002

music this weekend: vida blue tonight | lettuce @ isaac hayes club tomorrow night

i will be wearing out my dancing shoes this weekend - man, it's been WAY TOO long since i heard some good grooves........this weekend will not disappoint!

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July 18, 2002

thinking of becoming a tipster? you might as well follow up at operation RATS for the real lowdown!

thankfully, the USPS has chosen not to participate in the TIPS program - praise be to whatever higher power thought a little bit about our civil liberties, gee what a novel approach.

extra extra, read all about it: (i) what is operation TIPS? | washpost (ii) US planning to recruit 1 in 24 americans as spies | sydney morning herald

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July 16, 2002

yes, that is indeed a picure of an apricot blogger-logo tart and a movable type-logo tart! thanks to all who made it out to the potluck, we had a great time & can't wait for the next outing.....

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July 9, 2002

back at work with another shortened week to work my way through - i took off monday to travel back from the carolinas.

my trip was a BLAST! details to come, but unfortunately no pictures to share, as my digicam is presently undergoing repairs at the fuji repair center in edison, nj. i saved that story for myself and some close friends, in order to make sure i didn't screw myself out of a warrantied repair.

need to seriously catch up on new referrals, all my old faves, and the ever-expanding group of chicago bloggers. remember, potluck this sunday at the apartment. jes & i need to get in gear and send out an informative email to the group with more details. watch your inbox this week...

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July 2, 2002

let's see, it's july. it's hot. i haven't had much to say lately, but things are going on in my world.

for starters, i'm heading out to NC to visit sara jane tomorrow evening. we're taking a short road trip down to charleston on friday, so if you have any recommendations of food/drink/entertainment, feel free to leave a comment.......

other than that, it's just too hot to think about this stuff right now ;-) i'm also terribly out of the loop, so don't be offended if i haven't been visiting. these things pass, it's just a little funk!

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