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January 28, 2003

smellen is temporarily relocated - lone-star style!

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January 24, 2003

somebody needs to say it: Bush Is Losing It | "Bush is losing it. His composure, his "good-guy" image, the debate about economic policy, the sympathy and support of the international community and, as polls indicate, the backing of the American people."

let's hope this trend continues!

also, check out chris' recent entry regarding the current view of americans, from the point of view of someone studying in london right now, America! I'm One Of Your Kids.

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January 23, 2003

another birthday today! happy birthday SJ, my best girl in the world. remember these fun times?

mia and sj at jazzfest, may 2001

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January 22, 2003

happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to you,
happy birthday dear droopy,
happy birthday to YOU!!

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January 20, 2003

no-east, issue 2, is live!

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January 17, 2003

i finally added a section for my photo galleries in the left-hand sidebar.

maybe someday i'll put together the shots from my trip to california last spring. i have them all ready to go, just need to create a few pages to display them all.

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January 16, 2003

this makes me sick: Bush declares National Sanctity of Human Life Day. further more, this quote proves what is wrong with our fellow americans, "President Bush's pro-life view is clearly grounded in his respect and concern for all people," said Darla St. Martin, associate executive director of the National Right to Life organization.

is this woman completely ignorant, or just plain stupid like good ol' monkeyboy? how can anyone attribute a "respect and concern for all people" when we're about to go bomb the living shit out of the iraqi's? oh wait, i'm sorry, i guess this is read as a "respect and concern for all (rich, white) people". yes, that's it. that REALLY must be it, right?

[while i don't believe abortion is the only way, i am FULLY 100% pro-choice and find this to be EXTREMELY frightening!]

edit - i haven't been reading megnut for awhile, as i tried to personalize my links awhile back, but i visited her site just now and her most recent post mirrors my above sentiments, although she has always been so much more eloquent than i. read her thoughts here.

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January 14, 2003

check out the speech given by US rep, dennis kucinich, regarding a possible war with iraq, Iraq and the Economy. he says:

"War with Iraq is wrong. But if war is prosecuted further in Iraq, we must be prepared to advance the cause of peace in this country. We must be prepared to stand up, to speak out, to organize, to march, to demand an end to the war, or to demand an end to an administration which insists on war."

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January 10, 2003

add your site to the new project, geoURL, and find all your fellow bloggin' neighbors. link provided by our lovely chicago bloggers email group, specifically j3s.

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January 7, 2003

check out the Top Ten Conspiracy Theories of 2002, from alternet. especially worth noting are the "honorable mentions" at the end of the article...

special hello to miriam, of valancy jane - it's nice to find out people are still out there! man, it's good to be back!

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January 6, 2003

happy new year!

it's been awhile, and i've been busy. as of tomorrow, i'm back at my own office - I CAN'T WAIT! maybe i can sort out my problems with the site, such as no current archives and busted links - oh boy, can't wait. heh, already fixed - much simpler than i thought. blogger needed to be massaged a bit...

anyhow, back to current events. i was in beautiful new york city for new years eve. i spent 4 nights and a couple of days running around the city. mostly stationed at the renaissance times square, but i also stayed down at the southgate towers the night of the PHISH show.

that's right,
PHISH is back - i can't wait to see some february shows, including chicago & greensboro!!

i took in many sights of nyc, but could only cover so much ground. i really enjoyed my walk up through
central park and a day at the met, with lunch at the E.A.T. deli. shopping was a bit of a nightmare, so that consisted mostly of walking around taking in more sights.

lots of good dinners, including italian at a little place down in the village, thai at pongsri thai restaurant, a bit up off of times square (luckily found a good hotel recommendation), and more italian at benito's II restaurant down in little italy one night.

i also caught the last bears game at the ESPN zone and a night of music at the knitting factory.

all in all, i can't wait to go back.

cheers to a happy 2003! sounds strange, with the thought of more "war" looming, but don't even get me started on that subject...

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