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blue line:logan square

February 28, 2003

it worked - the virtual march on washington was a success - glad to know i was able to help in a small way.

ok, i'm off to the airport in about 20 minutes. heading out on the blue line shortly, and i'll be in charlotte NC eating fish tacos tonight; the first part of our PHISH weekend. then, wake up & pick up friends flying in from urbana tomorrow and drive to greensboro for the show tomorrow night!

yay for my friends & for phish bringing us together again!!

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February 26, 2003

for anyone else that was left out of the loop, do yourself a favor and catch up on the ongoing comic Get Your War On. thanks to j3s for bringing this to my attention! and, if you like what you see, check out a new york press feature about the brooklyn author, david rees.

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oh, hell yeah - view the trailer to the new christopher guest movie, A Mighty Wind. looks like the gang is back again!

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February 25, 2003

recently updated: books | music

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join the virtual march on washington - it's not too late to sign up & more volunteers are needed. the march will take place tomorrow, with phone calls and faxes rolling in to senators offices and the white house all day long!

next up, my phish-y update:

02/20/2003 Allstate Arena - Rosemont, IL

1: Rift, Rock And Roll, Guyute*, Driver, Waves, Simple^ > Gotta Jibboo
2: Tweezer, Punch You in the Eye, Fast Enough for You, Seven Below^^, Pebbles & Marbles
E: Golgi Apparatus, Anything But Me, Tweezer Reprise

Notes: * - Character Zero tease by Trey; ^ - unfinished with 2001 teases; ^^ - someone jumps on stage and gets tackled off

i went in with pretty horrible expectations. first off, i was working all day & the following friday, so i couldn't allow myself to really let loose. had to battle traffic all the way to rosemont, and didn't have much time (actually, no time) to roam the lots and look for old friends.

the show was rockin' - don't get me wrong! maybe i'm just getting old - but, the spark was missing. the evening seemed a bit off-kilter, but hometown shows generally don't live up to the excitement of travelling across country to get that ONE show, or the one song you're longing to hear. i'm hoping my trip out to NC to visit sara jane will prove to be the show i'm in need of - i'll be at the greensboro tour closer on saturday night and can't wait to get my groove on!

lastly, i'm fully addicted to the nut body butter! thankfully, i joined the love your body program, so i'll receive 10% off purchases for a year - i think i'll be buying more of this stuff!

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February 19, 2003

while i'll be off phishin' again this thursday, if you're home, please watch the new episode of frontline, titled "the war behind closed doors":

this Thursday, Feb. 20 at 9pm on PBS (check local listings), FRONTLINE traces the inside story of how that group of advisers -- call them "neo Reaganites," "neo-conservatives," or simply "hawks" -- set out to achieve the most dramatic change in American foreign policy in half a century: a grand strategy, increasingly known as the "Bush Doctrine," based on preemption rather than containment and calling for the bold assertion of American power and influence around the world. Through interviews with key administration insiders, foreign policy analysts, and longtime White House observers, the report reveals how we got to the brink of war with Iraq -- and how a war and its aftermath will put these advisers' big idea to the test.

in other news, we've finally got a REAL candidate - dennis kucinich has decided to step into the crowded democratic race. seriously, this is a blessing! not only is kucinich staunchly against going guns-blazin' into iraq, but he is also the ONLY candidate to make food labeling an issue - "Kucinich has been the most outspoken advocate in Congress for labeling food products that have been genetically altered or that contain genetically modified organisms." thank you for being dedicated to the PEOPLE, dennis!

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February 18, 2003

since i'm feeling a bit overwhelmed right now, i think my trip to the body shop that i've been putting off is in order. i just need to decide between the nut body butter or the mango. or, i could make this easy and get both. decisions, decions...

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February 12, 2003

my nephew:

i am an aunt!

gavin martin hayes
8 lbs. 2 oz.
born 2.11.03

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February 11, 2003

movies are the topic of the day:

check out the list of oscar nominations - they're spread around pretty well, with nods to salma hayek for frida, christopher walken in catch me if you can, and tons of other good stuff. maybe scorsese will finally triumph - can't comment on the movie, though.

run, don't walk, to the nearest cinema - go see chicago, you silly fools! it's great - the actors are all superb, especially renée, catherine and queen latifah. the "cell block tango" is worth the price of admission alone!

lastly, another flick on my radar - city of god is looking to be quite the knockout. i saw a review on chicago tonight last night, and it really increased my interest for this film. back in college, portuguese was my language of choice, and ever since, i've always had a big interest in all things brasil. the review was actually pretty negative, as the film is ultra-violent. if you thought amores perros was tough, that is tip of the iceburg compared to city of god. anyone seen this flick yet? i'd love to hear some personal reviews....

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February 6, 2003

happy birthday!happy birthday to the one & only bob marley! off to reggae night, as we MUST go and celebrate this fine man.

"But this is my invitation
I've got the special vacation
I need your concentration
Just to feel your vibration

Baby I need you tonight, We gonna have a soul shakedown party tonight"

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February 4, 2003

on saturday morning, a little after 8:00 am, i was standing outside smoking one of my last cigarettes at the end of a long business trip. as i stood there, i thought about how it had been such a long week, how i was heading back into the office on a saturday morning to work a few more hours, and how i couldn't wait to get home to my friends, my family and my lovely apartment.

little did i know the sky was exploding right above my head as i stood there in a groggy, foggy daze.

my week in
fort worth was suprisingly enjoyable - sundance square is quite a nice little area of the city. by thursday i discovered i was west of the mississippi and drank beautiful, yummy fat tire ale for the rest of the trip! but, by saturday afternoon, the trip had turned most surreal, with thoughts of the brave astronauts and all the families and friends. what a sad, crazy world!

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