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blue line:logan square

March 27, 2003

please, let me introduce you to my nephew, Gavin - isn't he adorable?

next up, another chicago blogger event tonight at the coq d'or, in the drake hotel. we've lovingly dubbed the event, the drank, and hope to see a bunch of you tonight!

finally, i'm in desperate need of a CD buying trip. i'm currently thinking about the following CD's and would love other recommendations or comments:

diamonds on the inside | ben harper
one step forward | les nubians
evolve | ani difranco
tidal | fiona apple

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March 21, 2003

lots to talk about today. first off, the protests last night were HUGE in chicago. i was not able to attend, but grabbed this picture from the trib, as it was very telling of the awesome gathering of anti-war sentiments. before anyone complains about my anti-war stance, let me just say that i fully believe sadaam is one bad mutha - and his two sons for that matter - but i just wish things had not gone down the way they did.


next up, last night i met with a bunch of the lady chicago bloggers for high tea at aion on division. thanks for a great night, ladies!

unfortunately, i wasn't able to watch the first round ILLINI basketball game because of previous plans, but thanks to TIVO, i sped through the game when i got home & we're moving on!! next up, notre dame, definitely a tough opponent, but it should prove to be a great game on saturday!

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March 18, 2003

as usual, big thanks to michael moore for telling it like it is - read his letter to George W. Bush on the eve of war. he makes a wonderful point that of the 535 members of congress, only ONE has an enlisted son or daughter in the military. isn't that a pretty picture?

the last few days were spent in typical irish-american fashion: getting my drink on at the south side irish parade and watching the ILLINI win the big ten tournament! good job, boys!

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March 13, 2003

act for change - the activism arm of our long-distance carrier, working assets - has some great activism opportunities right now:

- indict saddam hussein for war crimes
- stop proposed tax cut for SUV purchasers

i agree that saddam is a bad man; but, our rush to war must be stopped. read about the proposed action to indict saddam, "Human Rights Watch, prior to the buildup to war last fall, called upon governments around the world to propose a war crimes tribunal. No government was willing to do so. It is not too late."

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March 10, 2003

open your eyes - watch the commercials we will never see on the networks.

ben cohen speaks out at about these commercials, done by prominent figures in the entertainment industry. only problem, the imagery is too "graphic" for the network audiences. what's wrong with that? the government is pushing war on us, without giving any indication of the number of casualties that a war might produce. we're being misled here, and the people trying to bring this issue to the forefront are being pushed aside.

cheers to the people at true majority, win without war and move on, just to name a few - thank you for giving me the opportunity to make my voice heard!

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March 8, 2003

wtf? i updated my template with changes to the "recently" section in the sidebar, yet those changes will not show up - even after republishing all archives. my test post from yesterday published, too, so what gives?

damn you, blogger, damn you!

isn't it about time to have some blogger-related message boards? the support and help are severely lacking for such a highly-touted system. if i wasn't so technically inferior, i'd try a move to movable type, but that just scares me.

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March 7, 2003


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March 5, 2003

it's been tough getting blogger to work lately, so bear with me.

next up, where is everybody? i see you're coming; i guess i'm not posting anything of interest to anyone but myself - typical, from a girl who always got in trouble for talking too much! but, hey, i do love my comments...

i saw another phish show this weekend, although i won't go in depth with a review, as i don't know if anyone really wants to hear about it. anyone? ok, i lied. it was fun; blew the allstate show outta the water BY FAR! i won't give a setlist, as it took up a lot of space and no one seemed to care - sense a theme here people? i'm sensitive, so all these comment-less posts are a bummer. doesn't anyone besides me care about the new christopher guest movie? hello? best in show? waiting for guffman?

tonight is a huge basketball game in the big ten conference. GO ILLINI! unfortunately, i bought a ticket awhile back to see tabla beat science at the vic theatre, so i'll be running around texting my roommate for updates throughout the night. i don't think i can handle the stress of watching this big game, so i might be better off!

lastly, a topic that everyone loves - food! last night, we were hunting around the kitchen trying to come up with something for dinner. we didn't want to order out, and i remembered i had some tilapia filets from trader joe's in the freezer. we tried out a recipe i had printed off awhile back and it was delicious - broiled tilapia parmesan - and so quick & easy. this one is a keeper! then, we made peanut butter brownies that were killer. i had to bring one in for lunch today & i'm about to go hit that up - yummmmy chocolate!

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