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June 28, 2003

after reading a few posts here and there about the new blogger, i figured i should get over here & try it out.

updates, updates.

last weekend was a blast! sj was in town visiting, so we took in a lot of good food - including lula cafe and artopolis - and lots of visits with old friends. i love when sj comes to visit, but it's never long enough and we never get to do all that we plan on, but hey, such is life. i hosted a small gathering to reunite the kids, and of course it turned into a big michael jackson dance party by the end of the night.

it's that time again - tennis time at wimbledon. go roddick! i'm such a tennis junkie, always have been, and especially in the last few years. i can remember watching agassi win at wimbledon when i young, i think back in '92. i was always an andre girl, as opposed to a sampras girl, but now roddick is my guy! hopefully he can start to make some moves with his new coach, andre's old coach brad gilbert.

lastly, we went up to the taste last night to catch erykah badu. it was crazy crowded - even on opening day - but we scouted out a spot and had a great time. i stayed away from buying tickets, so i wasn't sampling the food, only there for the music and good times. i don't know if i'll get up there again this summer, but it's always nice to hit it up at least once, if only to relish in the beauty of our city - i will NEVER get sick of lounging on the lakefront / grant park, taking in our skyline.

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June 24, 2003

ha! this is brilliant - the american apology shirt - wear it loud and proud, "I'm sorry my president's an idiot. I didn't vote for him."

i've been working out of the office again. that always means a big slowdown here, but it's summertime & there is so much to do lately!

ok, off to cast my vote...

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June 16, 2003

i am currently undergoing my usual summer allergy-induced cold-n-cough. excuse me while i go hack up a lung....

in the meantime, please check out the latest issue of no-east, the work issue. mac users, tread with care, there has been some comments that it might not be loading properly. this version should appear as a book, and you click through the pages with your mouse.

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June 6, 2003

congresswoman jan schakowsky calls out the democrats, liberals, environmentalists, lawyers, judges, seniors, veterans and anyone with compassion to put a new president in office in 17 months!

apathy is the way for another term for G-dub. he wants us to be lazy, unaffected, and too pissed off to vote. we cannot let this happen. please, talk to your family and friends, make them understand that our rights will continue to diminish, while the republicans cut medicare, social security, and medicaid in order to continue giving tax cuts to the rich. something doesn't add up.

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June 2, 2003

six feet under kicked so much ass last night. what a great finale! good review from the toronto sun, mostly talking about the growth in the series and the closure of the finale.....

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