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September 24, 2003

i'm approaching almost two months smoke free.

all of a sudden, when my coworkers come back from a smoke break, it's so shocking how much i can smell it on them. i never used to understand that before, because you just don't notice it on you, your clothes, your hands, etc. it permeates your life, and doesn't stick out as unusual.

while i still get massive longings, especially when i'm out drinking, it's very nice to chew my gum & think about how much better i smell.

and, soon, my taste buds will thank me, too!

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September 22, 2003

thanks to hurricane isabel, we will be coming BACK to d.c. next week. deadline pushed back to 10/1 - great.

i'll be back in the chi for a much needed weekend of dancing / movies / hanging with friends, but ship back out on sunday night. can you say "frequent flier miles"? gotta keep a positive spin on things, i guess. i should already have enough for a european flight by now - word!

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September 18, 2003

ok, rain + wind = excuse to shut down a city?

this does not make sense to me. i'm working at a closed client's office, because the gov't shut down on a threat of inclement weather. jeebus, fucking chipotle was even closed!? imma write to them & get myself a free burrito b/c of this joke.

i'm sorry, but in chicago, the el does not shut down. they shut the metro down at 11 am and it's barely raining out there. i've seen much worse, and our city don't shut down for nuttin'.

big up to chicago, the city that works. and, we wonder where our tax dollars go....

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September 16, 2003

in the void spot usually filled with TV, cd's and lots of TIVO-ing, i've been reading alot in my travels to / from clients and before bed.

a few months back, i was roaming around borders on michigan avenue with j3s and alicia. i think j3s was looking for photo journals, or poetry, and i wandered into the music-themed book section. i noticed a book that caught my eye, "this must be the place: the adventures of talking heads in the twentieth century".

j3s, being the observant one, picked this up off my wishlist for my birthday in july. i've gotta say, this is such a fun read. also, i'm really enjoying reading some non-fiction for the 1st time since possibly college. all in all, i can't wait to go home and watch the stop making sense DVD again. and, i haven't even gotten to the era of the big suits. those guys had a pretty wild existence, especially the david / tina dynamic.

i still wonder if they will come back someday; after the performance for the rock-n-roll hall of fame, some people began speculating about it. i would LOVE to see them live, "expanded" heads era, of course. this girl likes the FUNK!

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September 12, 2003

to those who lost loved ones on 9-11, stay strong!

RIP to the following:

- the man in black, Johnny Cash
- comedian John Ritter (wow!?)
- a beloved friend, Guy, we miss you! what a long strange trip it's been.

i credit Guy with formally annoiting me as "smellen" back in college; stangely, i never really picked up that nickname growing up, but it was the kid in Guy to come up with that one & it stuck - obviously. i only wish we could have gotten together these last few months. things happen, and i hope he is hanging with the Jer-bear (garcia, that is) up in great gig in the sky.

i'm completetly crushed i can't attend a service this weekend; duty calls, i ship back to DC on sunday, too early to make it, and can't switch flights due to some whack-ass convention next week.

i tell ya, nothing makes you feel more grown up than making calls to friends to let them know someone has passed. i wondered to myself, am i doing this right? then quickly realize, there is no right or wrong, just a sense of needing to talk to those and reminisce, let them know and remember the fun times. i'll get home tonight, look at a few pictures of guy and remember him, the music lover, italian kitchen master and of course, his laugh. it was loud, it was a riot, and it was unforgettable. he was a true character, to say the least. peace out, gitano!

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September 9, 2003

slight change in plans...

i'm going bi-coastal - washington dc to be exact. suddenly, consultants are in high demand. people, please start hiring again, we can't keep up!

i'll be out for a few weeks, heading back to the chi this weekend, but probably going to stick around next weekend to check out the many sights. i haven't been to dc since 4th grade, my how times have changed. i'll be sure to give a great big hello to my buddy, W.

go sox. oh, and i guess the cubbies, too. it sure would be nice to have some winning sports teams back in the city!

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September 8, 2003


i'm back from cali, it was a long week & i may be going back - still waiting to hear about some other assignments before assembling the team. the food is great out there, but generally, LA is not the place for me. more to come....

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September 1, 2003

ah, this looks nice:

tomorrow: plentiful sunshine.
tomorrow night: clear skies.
wednesday: abundant sunshine.
thursday: abundant sunshine.
friday: sunshine

back in a week or so, heading to the sunshine state for work.

comments currently down, blah

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