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blue line:logan square

December 29, 2003

off to miami, kids....
play nice.

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December 22, 2003

remembering my $23.45 expense check still hasn't been cashed - priceless!

{does happy dance}

christmas, NYE in miami - killing me this month. it'll be good to get home and settle down next month. time to start putting my pennies together in order to get this new residence thing sorted out. no more shitty neighbors in a few more months - joy!

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the chicago tribune released a special photography section titled, "Environmental Battlegrounds": [login: gapers/gapers]

During the Bush administration’s drive to drill for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Interior Secretary Gale Norton referred to the land as “flat, white nothingness.”

“I would urge you all to travel up there and take a look at it,” President Bush later told reporters, “and you can make the determination as to how beautiful that country is.”

Chicago Tribune photographer Pete Souza did just that, flying into the Arctic in a bush plane to see for himself. During the last year, he also traveled to other environmental battlegrounds that have emerged during the Bush administration to see them, too.

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December 15, 2003

lunch at tokyo lunch box - spicy maki combo;
sandra wins survivor;
nia tonight.

life is good.

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December 9, 2003

during this holiday season, please think twice about where you shop for friends and loved ones.

abercrombie & fitch is currently fighting a lawsuit charging they use race discrimination for hiring practices. seriously, there is no reason a self-aware person in my generation should be shopping at this place. it promotes a --- wonderful, comfortable ambiance where everyone is young, thin, and blond. now, they're finding out why it's wrong cater to only one demographic. "Two Wongs can make it white", eh? not so, i hope.

bring attention to others about shady a&f, but also continue to boycott walmart and gap, and shop responsibly.

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December 5, 2003

i almost forgot....jay-z is pretty fun on a friday morning!

i went out to the local drum-n-bass night last night. threw everyone for a curveball...."what? you don't like jungle?!" a-HA! i may play a phish kid in real life, but my tastes are all over the place. see jay-z love above... ;)

gotta keep the kids on they're toes. that's what it's all about, my friends.

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December 2, 2003

eek, i've been battling a sinus infection since last tuesday. thanksgiving was pretty low key, and i haven't done much since then.

i finally broke down and decided to take some antibiotics today, which probably should have commenced last friday. somehow i conned myself into thinking i was getting better - such is the case of the dreaded sinuses. it's always the same when i get sick, no fun at all.

one good experience over the weekend: finally going to see lost in translation. great flick! bill murray kills it, once again....he's brilliant.

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