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February 27, 2004

my experiment:
5 days +
5 cups of black coffee =
approximately 10 Tbls. of sugar my body didn't have to absorb

some of the effects of sugar on the body are:
-increases overgrowth of candida yeast organism
-increases chronic fatigue
-increases PMS symptoms
-increases tooth decay
-increases anxiety and irritability
-can increase or intensify anxiety and panic in susceptible women
-can make it difficult to lose weight; the body stores excess carbs as fat.

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February 24, 2004

a little late, but congrats to all those who took part in the SPEC / Gapers' Block reading this past saturday! it was crazy crowded at uncle fun, but lots of laughs were shared by all....

happy FAT TUESDAY to all! a bunch of us inadvertantly made reservations for dinner tonight at la scarola, works out pretty well in light of the day today. this will be my 2nd trip to la scarola, and i'm looking forward to it based on my last (great) experience.

ok, i made it through day two of my new routine - black coffee. it wasn't as bad as yesterday, either.

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February 23, 2004

it's been a long-drawn out love affair.

no, i'm not talking about the end of sex & the city. i'm talking about something much sweeter, and much more addicting - sugar.

yes, that little crystalline substance. it seems so sweet and innocent, but it's not.

this morning, i made a huge attempt to alter my bad behavior. i drank my one cup of morning coffee BLACK! it didn't taste very good, either. but, it's an attempt to little-by-little cutdown on the enormous amounts of sugar in my diet.

different health issues have pretty much forced me to realize i shouldn't be eating as much sugar in my diet. it's pretty hard, but it's something i can do in steps. just like quitting smoking: this is like the equivalent of when i cut out my morning cigarette, although i doubt i can cut out processed sugar 100% (like i did with cigarettes). but, i can, at the very least, acknowledge the issues and try to take responsibility for my actions.

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February 17, 2004

i have a signed contract!

next up, i will head to the bank to lock in a rate and then it's just a waiting game. closing should happen around mid-april, with a little bit of time to prep the place before i move in - get washer/dryer installed; paint; buy some furniture...

the apartment lease is up april 30th, so sometime before then, i'll start to move into the new place......wowsa. i CANNOT wait until my el stop is literally across the street - word.

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February 11, 2004

greetings, friends.

after returning from sunny california late last week, i went out for a weekend full of pampering, dancing, shopping, and more dancing. damn, once again, i know why i need to stay away from sephora as much as possible. you can't get out of there w/o dropping a hard-earned penny!

the sniffle i started to experience on sunday quickly turned into a full-blown sinus infection on monday, requiring a quick trip to the doctor for some antibiotics. i stayed home again on tuesday, hoping to sleep away my sickness. i'm still under the weather, but back at work trying to ignore my completely blocked nasal passages. hmmmm, maybe this should push me towards the wonders of the neti-pot. i know j3s would agree.

anyhow, all this boils down to the fact that i HAD to get on my way to health, as this weekend i head out to iowa city to celebrate birthdays.....

today, my little nephew gavin turns 1; and tomorrow, gavin's mommy, my lovely sister-in-law camille has her birthday!

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February 4, 2004

oh, and by the way, it's currently 62 right now in irvine.

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i Y in-n-out burger!

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