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blue line:logan square

April 27, 2004

with all the excitement this weekend, i think i needed to take a day to let it all sink in....

on friday night, claudia and i headed down to see talib kweli at the harold washington cultural center. we were pretty impressed with the venue and the show was fun. a typical hip-hop show, so lots of short sets, but kweli brought it and looked damn fine, i might add...aside from him rockin' that yankees hat down on the south side!

SBC came over to the place on friday and got everything working, so DSL will be following shortly - probably sometime in the next week or so.

on saturday, my p's, my cousin dan and my uncle tim came up to help get me moved into the new place. erin & shannon - some more cousins (i have LOTS of them) - walked over and helped us unload. they were the big troopers, as it sounds like they had quite a party the night before! thanks all, it wasn't too bad, right?

the move went fairly well, aside from the fact that my couch was too big - damn, i thought i had it all worked out, but i guess not. on sunday, mandy and i took a ride around and ended up finding something at domicile, down on diversey. they have a shipment coming in next week, so i have slightly changed my color choice - otherwise, it'd be about 8 weeks to get something special ordered...there was some great stuff at domicile, i know i'll be in there again in the future!

finally getting settled in, but still have to get some things in order. i really need a bookshelf, but i don't want to spend too much, and i don't quite feel like going all the way out to IKEA. i need to take care of that sooner or later, so i can get rid of the many boxes of books in my bedroom.

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April 21, 2004

three years ago, i cursed the living daylights out of SBC.

as history repeats itself, i sit here again;damn you TIVO, it's all your fault! i'm three days past due on getting my phone hooked up & it looks like it's not getting in ANY time soon.....

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April 16, 2004

i am now officially a homeowner! can you say, "let's pop some champagne up in this place"?

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April 13, 2004

be there, or be square.

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April 8, 2004


the next 2 1/2 weeks i will be a total basketcase!

i am supposed to close on my place on april 15th, then move on the 24th. in between then, i need to paint, clean the apartment, and throw our FINAL party; my best friend is coming to visit and chicago is in full-swing eventwise.

deep breath. any words of wisdom would be appreciated!!

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April 6, 2004

episode 57, season 5 - "Irregular Around the Margins" - wow, we've been waiting for all the right stuff, it appears.

luckily for me, the NCAA game was so lopsided, i decided to watch sopranos instead. i knew i couldn't wait too long, as word was buzzing about this episode. i thought chrissy was a goner, for sure!! i'm still wondering if he's going to figure out he needs a major attitude adjustment before the end of the season, otherwise, i'd say adrianna is going buh-bye...

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