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blue line:logan square

May 28, 2004

off i go....the emerald isle awaits!

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May 25, 2004

i've seen 42 shows, over the last 10 years. i've been to 12 different states, 4 different time zones, and have seen a show on every day of the week over the years......

now, after the last tour this summer, phish is done.

it's surreal. i'm getting older, so i can't quite say i'm suprised about this. those guys are much older, have families, and at this point in time, have lots of opportunities to go out & play music. and they will continue to make music, play shows and gigs, but not together as phish.

that is, of course, until the "reunion tour" - gotta look on the bright side.

i just ordered two tickets for alpine valley saturday show, as now tickets might not be so easy to come by.

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May 24, 2004

i leave for ireland in 5 days! maybe i'll have some semblance of a working condo by then.

somehow i doubt that, though.

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May 17, 2004

i made some good progress at the place over the weekend.

got a nice bookshelf from IKEA and got rid of the last few boxes crampin' up my bedroom. i went with the actual pine bookshelf instead of the straight particle-board. it matches some of the other things in my room, so that's nice; definitely worth spending the extra cash.

on friday night, i set up my DSL and it was so easy; much easier than i thought. now it's just waiting on the couch and getting comcast to come by; hopefully both of those things will be remedied by this weekend.

i'm off to charlotte on wednesday evening for some training classes. my best friend lives in charlotte, so i'm staying over the weekend and hitting up some of my favorite places. i'm hoping to find some neat pieces at the gallery crawl....

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May 13, 2004

who doesn't love a good cheese quiz? pretty accurate, too!

I am parmesan cheese!

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May 12, 2004

i finally got my sushi fix on last night!

we hit up coast sushi; i wanted to pick up a take-out menu (although they were currently out). i had to find out if i was still within the delivery zone & i am, but just barely. my street is the border & i'm on the right side of the street to be within the zone. since i can order from there with my eyes closed, the lack of menu is not going to hamper my sushi cravings...yummmmmmy white dragon roll, you are my friend.

tomorrow, i'm hitting up marche for the first time with j3s. i have a $50 gift certificate as part of a promotion with their frequent diners program, which everyone in chicago should join. you receive a $25 gift certificate to the restaurant of your choice (within the KDK group of restaurants) just by joining, then they reward you with other fun items as a member. i'm still holding onto my $25 opera certificate, but i'm sure it'll come in handy one day...

tonight, we'll see if i can make it out to IKEA. i've realized i just have to bite the bullet & get out there for a bookshelf, among other kitchen-y type things. might have to wait till the weekend, though.

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May 6, 2004

a-HA! jokes on me, right?

just when i think things are maybe turning for the better, i find out otherwise.

dad came up last night to install my washer/dryer. it was a little touch & go, but dad pulled out some awesome stuff and got me all squared away. tonight i'll get to test it out in full glory (we tested everything minus any actual laundry last night)....

so, i call to find out what is up with my couch that was supposed to arrive yesterday. i call domicile and find out, oh you know, delayed until sometime later next week!

ok, let's get this right? i understand this is the furnitue industry and delays happen. the couch is coming straight from high point, which means it's coming right from creation. so, yes, delays are expected. but, it would have been nice to have been personally called and told of this delay. not, making the call to find out when i can schedule a delivery only to find out.....sorry. sit on the floor for another couple weeks, ok.

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May 5, 2004

ramsin, one of my fellow GB partners, wrote an incredibly funny roast, roasting none other than those running the big show ---- you know, the ultra-hawks, cheney, wolfowitz, et. al. heck even o'reilly gets his.

check it out right now, it's worth every chuckle.

ties in to the story my buddy told me last night. he picked up his fiesty 89 year-old grandpa from the train and drove him home. talk shifted to politics. his little grandpa said, "i hope i'm alive long enough to vote AGAINST george bush". what made it truly memorable - he's an old guard republican.

if you are not registered to vote, please do so now!! we cannot let another 4 years go by with these ultra-hawks in charge.

while we're at it, gotta pop up this link i just received at work - for your listening pleasure: the idiot son of an a**hole - with such gems as, "he really likes to nap, really likes his naptime" and, "he's too dumb to eat pretzels, but smart enough to fix an election". ye-how, that's our mr. president.

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May 3, 2004

valuable lesson learned:

it's really hard to buy a place on your own. my advice - don't bother unless you are involved with someone who plans to share in the costs, the work, the installation woes, etc. while i have a roommate, it's really on my head to get things working and installed. the roommate will help down the line, but for now, it's all on me and it's not working out too well.

this weekend i had not one, but two, unfortunate events.....after the couch issues last weekend, i was really hoping for things to go smoothly - well, it was anything but smooth.

first off, the guys come to install the satellite. all of a sudden, now the building management decides we can't get roof access and my unit doesn't have SW lines of sight. i asked about this so many times, got the typical "non-response" response, and was told it would be ok. ordered the system, guys come to install, and now, sorry - you're screwed. i can't even get to a fedex location during working hours for like two weeks, and i don't plan to lug a big-ass box with a satellite, receiver, and setup kit on the train in the morning. so, who the fuck knows when i'll get this sorted out and my backup is none other that shit-eating comcast.

then comes sunday. i'm wishing beyond belief that the washer/dryer will just get in and get hooked up without any problems. i just couldn't deal with any more crap and sure enough - CRAPTASTIC sunday! the guys show up with the washer/dryer and come upstairs. immediately, he's telling me he can't install it. no fucking way - you've got to be kidding, right? where are the hidden cameras....

sure enough, good ol' sears doesn't bother inquiring about ANYTHING regarding installation. turns out, most people that get a closet-style unit need to get pretty specific hookup parts. first off, the parts i get won't fit - wrong dimensions. then, we need parts that are flexible and about 6' long - so they can hook up the washer/dryer while in the closet, then basically climb out from behind the thing and push it into place. the guy tells me that 99.9% of the city-dwellers ALWAYS get hosed by sears because they typically just include standard parts.

so, i'm basically in tears, on the phone with my parents, swearing up a storm outside el cid, probably freaking out the poor people inside. and, all i wanted to do was my goddamn laundry. great, now it'll be 2 weeks before i have a free saturday thanks to getting suckered into doing a free training class for U of C this saturday.

i've taken to watching fuzzy network tv because i just can't stand not having any tv. who the heck knows when i'll have a free minute to get comcast up to my place. i have basically one free weekend this month where i'm not out of town, so if i can't get an appointment then, it's going to be awhile before it's fuzz-free tv.

ok, so it's a big ol' pity party at my place. thankfully i ordered my couch & that should be coming towards the end of the week. should being the operative word, because i've learned, nothing is as it seems. everything WILL go wrong, just count on it.

last but not least, a big THANK YOU to the lovely NIA intensive going on this week in chicago!!! at least i can look forward to getting my butt kicked by carlos this week. the saturday class was a great way to release all of this frustration - i can feel it in my calves and elsewhere. seriously, without it, i'd be even more of a mess right now.

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