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blue line:logan square

April 30, 2003

at least some people are still speaking out: janeane garofalo won't back down, from

i toned down the anti-war talk for awhile, but my opinions have not waivered. frankly, i find the future to be scarier than the current state of affairs, especially facing the possibility of another four years under this war-monger president. i won't be suprised if it happens, and while some would rather not think of that yet, it's something i can't fathom NOT thinking about. the patriot act is enough to tell me things aren't headed in a good direction.....

it's spring in chicago. the next little while will be filled with lots of rain, many grey days, and the sudden turn to summer in the city. i'm patiently awaiting word on my phish mail order, keeping my fingers crossed that the tickets gods / goddesses grant my wish! i'm up for some good music this summer, last year was a bit of a snooze. lots of good festivals coming up, including the expanded bonnaroo NE, which is really shaping up.

no tv talk this time around, kids!

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April 24, 2003

it's been two LONG weeks, but it's back to survivor thursdays! ah, the simple joys of life.

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April 22, 2003

six feet under had one it's best episodes this past sunday. the storylines are really coming together, much like the way sopranos finally came together this past season. i think the relationship between david and keith is one of the most endearing relationships to be found on television - gay, straight, premium or network. it's just real story-telling at it's best! i can't wait for next week, but each sunday i say that and things keep moving in a very good direction, albeit a bit slow, but i'm convinced alan ball knows what he is doing.

i'm a bit bummed that i didn't get a mail order ticket for the trey anastasio show coming up in june. i'll have to try again through ticketmaster to see if i can pull one ticket for myself. this doesn't bode well for the mail order i just placed for phish tickets later this summer, but i'll remain hopeful for the time being.

oh yes, and j5 rocked it last week - very fun, positive show!

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April 15, 2003

sure enough, snow last week, 80+ this week. chicago doesn't really experience spring, we go from one extreme to the other, usually in rapid fashion.

tomorrow is the j5 show at the house of blues; it'll be nice to get out & see some music again. then, off to iowa city this weekend - can't wait to see my baby boy gavin again!

lastly, if you aren't watching six feet under, you're missing out!! get HBO, you won't be sorry. the 3rd season started out slow, but it's really blowing up right now and next week should prove to be another whopper.

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April 9, 2003

i don't have much to report, but it is warming up in chicago - slowly, but surely. ah, we'll be at 80 degrees before we know it.

updated the music page; seems i took a breather after the last round of phish shows, although that should be changing soon.

in the next little while, jurassic 5 is coming back. trey anastasio's band is playing two nights at the chicago theatre - i hope to see at least one of them. and, beck just announced a summer tour which will bring him back to the windy city, although i'm not too happy with the venue selection.

the only other act i was dying to see is coming back next weekend, but i'll be out visiting my nephew gavin. too bad, as i was looking forward to the return of soulive since last october. i will have to satisfy that craving by picking up the new live CD, aptly named soulive, which is getting HOT reviews!

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April 4, 2003

april in chicago - it always gets to me. the constant up -- down -- up weather forecasts wreak havoc on my somewhat weak immune system. i gotta buck up and get over it, though, as i have plans to join the brother of an out-of-town friend for dinner and some music tonight, junior brown to be exact.

since i'm feeling a bit rundown, maybe talking about my upcoming vacations will cheer me up!

over memorial day, i head out to newport beach to visit my old friend, murphy. talks of a possible road trip down to either ensenada or rosarito are very exciting. either way, it'll be great to see the ocean - last summer it was the east coast, specifically a trip down to charleston, so this time i'm mixing it up a bit.

then, it's time for summer tour. i'm probably going to head out to charlotte, as usual, to visit SJ and see some shows with her. nothing major, maybe just charlotte and atlanta, enough to get my juices flowing. mail order hasn't been announced yet, so hopefully we all get the tickets we need and then we're off.....

finally, a call to all you in chicago, the planning for the next issue of no-east is getting started this sunday @ java cha. be there.

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April 1, 2003

wow, some good news from the war - the two missing journalists and missing photographer are in jordan.

just this morning, i was watching the sister of the photographer on the today show and couldn't help but think about her family, and my own family for that matter. a harvard grad, molly bingham seems like a girl i'd like to know. to think she is only a few years older than me - man, that's amazing. glad to see she will continue to lend her eye to the conflicted world around us...

changing it up a bit, just wanted to add that i'm really digging the new les nubians | one step forward. it's great, especially the track with talib kweli.

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