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2001 august 30

just when i start to get into the sopranos, i find out that the fifth season will be the last! damn, that sucks. [link from august sky]

2001 august 28

i've been laying low the past few days. not too much to report, although i'm working at a client's office for the next few weeks - things may be quiet around these parts. wish i could get some comments going, but that will have to wait.

look who's stuffing the ballot box over at TRL? just another dirty record company. nothing too shocking, but still, i wonder about the teens who eat up that TRL crap.

2001 august 23

the ACLU sues to help ravers get their glowstsicks back.

2001 august 21

after all the wait - oysterhead dates are up!

let's talk about HBO for a minute. we decided, after a few months in the new apartment, that is was time. time to make the move towards premium cable. specifically, we got HBO. no more staring blankly when talk of the sopranos started in the monday morning meeting. no more missing out on the hype surrounding six feet under.

however, when we flipped over to catch the last few minutes of the sex and the city finale, i was left speechless - more than once! i don't get this show. i don't think i am the type the show aims to please. but, really, what the hell was that episode trying to say about these supposedly strong women? ick, ick, ick. that is all i can say. and, shit, i haven't even mentioned the clothes. am i that different from the legions of people that fall over themselves for this show?! aw, shit, i know the answer to that question ;-)

2001 august 20

chicago - the new silicon prairie? chicago has the most high-tech jobs than any other US metropolis, which even suprised the authors of the survey. some interesting twists exist, though.

2001 august 17

i'm going to see björk!!!

2001 august 16

scoops on the upcoming 13th season of the Simpsons: high times ahead for Homer!

2001 august 14

absolutely fabulous is coming out with a new series of episodes on the autumn line-up for BBC - look for changes in the lives of the characters.

americans are eating out less - another indicator of our slowing economy.

2001 august 13

word is Chilean filmmaker Raul Ruiz is set to direct Salman Rushdie's rock novel, the Ground Beneath Her Feet. however, get this: david byrne is set for the score!

"matrix reloaded" now set for wide release in May 2003 - however this is still a tentative date.

2001 august 10

things are happenning over at, including the finalized list of the six live discs coming out in september/october. also, word is that oysterhead tour info will be out by the end of next week!

given the success of that '70s show, it was bound to happen: the same creative team is close to finalizing a deal with Fox for a sitcom set in the '80s.

2001 august 9

"it's rock n' roll tennis" - andy roddick, the new face on the American tennis circuit.

2001 august 8

it's about time - a small Denver promoter is taking Clear Channel Communications to court for running an illegal monopoly. with luck, maybe a suit against ticketbastard will follow!

2001 august 7

oysterhead date listed on ticketbastard - oct 24th, portland OR.

is björk coming to your town? i must attend, i WILL attend.

2001 august 6

smellen is back in bizness, baby! my lovely host, luke was moving over the weekend - i apologize for sporadic downtimes.

ready for the goods? following in the footsteps of the Netherlands, Portugal decriminalizes drugs in a hope to move more towards treatment instead of punishment. it's happenning kids, slowly it IS happenning.

can't wait to get out of the subway to make that call? it seems the buzz is about to be a reality: new wireless technology is coming to chicago's airports and subways soon! no more droppin' calls down in baggage at o'hare...what will be next?!

2001 august 3

although i've never tried the green stuff, i can get down with the latest craze from Heinz: purple ketchup! [link from laura]

i am in so much pain today. clean up after the flood yesterday was extremely taxing on body & mind. luckily, i'm only dealing with a possible VCR death, but it was just horrible. my cab ribe home in the middle of the storm was something out of a movie...

2001 august 1

the midwest is roastin'. please be careful, drink lots of water, and try to stay cool. hopefully there will be some nice lakefront breezes for the radiohead show tonight. looks like people have been lining up since yesterday afternoon - wow!


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