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2002 january 30

time to meet & greet:

jish asked me to say HI! to my webloggers webring neighbours.

» to the left of me: miss hannah.
» to the right of me: miggie.

and following dramabug, i will also say hello to my chicago blogs webring neighbours.

» to the left of me: joyce.
» to the right of me: mike.

2002 january 29

this morning, i came across an interesting article over at - what men really love about women's bodies:

"the closest thing to a universal rule is that most men like a woman who's comfortable with her body, whatever her body happens to look like... "

this spurred many comments - some i agree with, others doubting the claim made in the article - but all very thought provoking. adding to this, my roommate j3s sent me a great link about the teen magazine YM this morning.

the new editor in chief has removed all diet stories from the editorial menu! you can read the entire conversation with the editor by following this link. it's my hope that the harshness of body image issues will slowly start to fade, but then again, as long as the fashion industry reigns supreme, and young girls look to the supermodels as their role models, we're all in trouble!

on a brighter note, last night we stumbled upon the last part of the blue planet series over at the discovery channel. lucky for us, the last part of the first segment was "The Deep" - an incredible program. i sat with wide eyes & open mouth, as i watched the images from the deepest depths of the oceans. it appears that all 4 of the initial episodes will run back-to-back on friday, february 2nd starting at 6 pm CST - time to set the VCR's! the next 4 episodes, to complete the 8-part series, will air in may.

2002 january 28

i'm having way too much fun dipping my feet into the world of morpheus file sharing! i'm focusing my time on audio files, but given i missed out on the napster revolution, i've got a lot of catching up to do.

right now, i'm just going at it blindly - i think of one artist, search, then remember another artist, given some obscure collaboration i just came across. it's fun. it's all i want to do when i get home tonight - no lie ;) feel free to pass along little gems my way; i'm not picky & love finding out about new artists/styles!

2002 january 25

not sure what happened to my post from yesterday, but i think i've found a place to order a bag - thanks to renee. it looks like i'm going to have an easy time finding something over at - lots of styles, shapes, and nothing too flashy. now i just need some $$$ and i'm off to the races; thankfully, february is just around the corner.

ah, the joys of having an admin who takes care of bizness - luke, you are the most gracious host! my post from yesterday is now restored.....

2002 january 24

update: i've been at work for 13+ hours - i think i'll be taking a cab home, courtesy of the client, of course!

for some time now, i've been thinking of replacing my trusty diesel everyday bag. it's held up pretty well, and considering i purchased this on bluefly for mere pennies (okay, well, it was somewhere in the $20 - $25 range), i'm a satisfied customer. however, the velcro is losing it's grip, and general wear & tear has set in - it's well over a year old.

but, i cannot find a similar bag with the necessary components - smallish bag, simple design, and most importantly, the exterior cell phone pocket - that won't set me back too much.

i've explored timbuk2, and while i really like the look of the peewee, it just won't satisfy my needs - even though building your own bag is such a great idea! i've also checked out the folks at r.e.load bags, and found out that the dj mini does, in fact, have two outside pockets, but i can't quite tell if what i picture from an outside pocket matches what the designers thought.

so, my quest continues.......feel free to offer up some suggestions.

2002 january 23

my new computer rules - exciting stuff. still need a permanent internet connection, but jes & i have been sharing the basement cable until we get the switch hooked up. stay tuned.....

oh yes, a very happy birthday to sara jane today! can't wait to see you in a few weeks.

2002 january 20

weekend round up:

the cd giant philips moves to inform users of the dangers of copy-protected discs. they even go so far as to insist the CD logo not be used with these discs - right on!

catch a glimpse of the upcoming simpsons episode with phish, linked without permission. go find the new issue of relix mag.

2002 january 18

given it's friday, and i'm back in the office for the rest of the afternoon, here goes....the friday five:

1. what do you have your browser start page set to? - i always check mail first!

2. what are your favorite news sites?, bbc news,, and the chicago tribune.

3. favorite search engine? google, of course.

4. when did you first get online? start of college, circa '95. mostly used for email and learning everything & all about phish ;)

5. how do you plan to spend your weekend? chillin' tonite, maybe rent a DVD or two. all in preparation for the big day tomorrow: bears game at 3:30 pm; anon-fed at smart bar, early saturday evening - "meet. talk. think. collaborate. grow. drink"; and for the late nite musical fix - tony allen psyco on da bus at the double door. i can't wait for this show!

2002 january 14

my new desk! now, i just need the system to arrive.

i wasn't planning on purchasing this desk, but when i realized it was exactly what i was looking for, i took out the measuring tape, made a few calls, and went out to oakbrook yesterday afternoon - one of the only places that still had a few available. thanks for helping with the assembly, aidan!

moving right along: go see the chihuly exhibit at garfield park - please note the hours have been extended for proper nighttime viewing.

join the chicago blog ring today.

2002 january 11

over the past few weeks, i've seen quite a few movies, both in the theatre and at home while sick. i'd like to take a few minutes to talk about some of these movies:

the royal tenenbaums - another great film from wes anderson and luke wilson. truth be told, i haven't seen rushmore in it's entirety, and i really should do that. the latest flick is sure to please many fans.

the lord of the rings: the fellowship of the ring - go see this movie! i'm not big on the fantasy stuff and i loved this movie, all 3 hours of it.

chocolat - watched this film multiple times while i was sick. my roommates and i really, REALLY liked this movie!

moulin rouge - i really wish i had seen this in the theatre. great stuff going on, but at times i wish i had a much bigger screen to catch all the interesting shots and angles. i might even have to invest in this dvd for unlimited viewing.

basquiat - caught this flick on HBO the other night. it came out when i was in college, and i remember my rhetoric prof. highly recommended it. quite disturbing, in fact. i wish there was more focus on the characters, but it was interesting. david bowie as andy warhol was perfect & this fact alone should warrant a viewing.

there were a few more rentals from blockbuster, but nothing else caught my attention enough for a mini-review. given the above films, care to share any movie recommendations? email me with comments or suggestions!

2002 january 9

after battling a nasty cold that developed right around new year's, i decided i needed to take a short break from things. i just wasn't much up to sitting at the computer for long periods of time, and honestly, i'm just plain sick of lots of things right about now!

however, all hope is not lost ;-)

i'm patiently waiting for my new computer to arrive. i'm REALLY looking forward to having a PC to work with, instead of my roommates' laptop - jes, thanks so much for the unlimited usage!

i'm hoping the new computer will inspire me to learn some new skills. i'd love to install movable type and finally have the interaction i crave with a comments system. that will be tricky, though, as there are many things this girl needs to learn. wish me luck, kids!

until then, it pleases me GREATLY when someone leaves a note in that lil' old guestbook.

coming soon: mini-reviews of the many movies i have watched in the past week or so. blockbuster - thanks for the ever-increasing DVD selection; just what a girl needs when sick.

2002 january 4

happy new year!

smellen is sick.


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