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2001 september 25

wow - take a look at the magnitude of the damage to the WTC. sorry for the short post, it's all i can muster at this late hour ;-) peace to all my friends...

2001 september 24

man, i am so out of touch lately. working at my client's office is really taking a toll, but i will get through it, right? anyhow, i was strongly urged to watch the CNN program, beneath the veil, last night - thanks murph. it was incredibly well done, considering many reporters do not even get access to afghanistan, let alone the ability to talk to members of the Taliban.

this was an excellent companion to the abundant news stories, tv specials & documentaries airing right now. but, it was horrifying to see images, such as the soccer stadium, which was built with international aid, being used for executions. a place where people were meant to gather & enjoy life together, used with the cruelest intentions. this is only the tip of the iceburg, too. so, please, if you see that this is airing again, take the 60 minutes and watch this program.

2001 september 21

here is an interesting alternative view on who might be behind the terrorist attacks last week. this gives you some other names to consider besides everyone's public enemy #1 - bin laden.

ah, and as i get my small fix on the net during lunch [er, well, eating quickly so i can check my email before heading back to my client ;)], i see salon has also picked up on the idea above - claiming an iraqi tie with the attacks. kids, make sure to read more than what good ol' dubya is telling us!

2001 september 18

clear channel has not banned songs from it's stations. just another piece of information flying around the net that is not true.

watching letterman last night was enough to put me in a tail-spin. seeing one of the veteran news reporters break down was too much. dan rather tried to apologize for his "unprofessionalism" - but even dave admitted it was okay to be human at times like this.

pictures of 9/11/01 from ultradio. [link from dori]

2001 september 17

now, this is a shame: in light of the events of last week, clear channel has banned this list of songs with "questionable content" - 1,170 radio stations will never play "a day in the life," by the beatles, ever again!? this makes me angry! isn't this censorship? time to check in with the ACLU.

2001 september 15

i saw mention of another message circulating from michael moore, and it really touches on some great thoughts - please read Across America Tonight and feel free to pass on this link to friends. also, if you missed his first message, i highly suggest reading Death, Downtown. again, my thoughts go out to all reeling from these events.

2001 september 14

just a few minutes ago, i returned from daley plaza, where thousands of chicagoans came together to honor the dead & show our support for the events that have unfolded over the past few days. i couldn't make it to where my friends stood, alot closer than my spot, and i couldn't see or hear what was going on, but that was the absolute beauty. no one pushed to get father, no one crowded each other, we merely stood with the sea of people, listening to the bells toll & waiting for the times of applause. it really is something to see people of so many backgrounds, races and generations react with so much emotion to these events.

i hope that tonight at 7 pm, all will remember to step outside, light a candle & reflect with your friends, family, neighbors & strangers around us.

2001 september 11

let's see, the country is under attack, bombs are flying in afghanistan, and all my traffic is coming through dori's link about my simple little design. well, kids, it's been this way for months, and i'm not nervous. c'mon, there is too much terror out there for this right now.

this will be a date that will be remembered forever: 9/11/01. i can't believe what is going on.

2001 september 10

i haven't seen this posted anywhere else, but it looks like kellogg's is preparing to launch two brands of simpsons cereal! both bart & homer will have a flavor, and you can read a little more about it here at excite.

2001 september 9

yesterday, after dim sum at the Phoenix, in chinatown, i was introduced to bubble tea. i had the papaya flavor - it was very interesting & quite good.

the venus/serena game last night was pretty uneventful - although some points were great, the overall game was lacking and too short! however, the game drew 23 million viewers, something to say about the move to prime time.

2001 september 8

guess i won't be getting any of my retirement benefits anymore: it looks like balancing the budget is going to take about $10 billion from social security. aw, thanks, buddy, thanks for thinking of the kids! how many more years will this go on?

2001 september 5

britney vs. PETA - round 1. looks like britney is trying to top her strip tease performance from last years VMA show by using some poor unsuspecting cheetahs!

2001 september 4

the owner of Rainbow Farm campground was shot dead by the FBI on Monday night.


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