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2001 may 31

good news - robert downey will get the treatment he needs, while staying out of the slammer. and, of course, check out those shades. hopefully we'll still get to see him in some more great movies. i think he did wonder boys when he was in the last time. great movie, btw!

2001 may 30

gotta love those web deals - scored a cheap ticket out to charlotte; gonna hit up another trey show with sj, so let me know if you are going to the raleigh show!

ooops, she did it again! jenna bush is in for a wild ride these next few years.

2001 may 29

the art of phil - jackson, that is. growing up with the bulls was an exciting time. phil was always such an incredible force driving his players. definately one of the most interesting NBA coaches in the history of the game. too bad i haven't watched any of the Lakers games, i guess they are kickin' butt.

2001 may 28

i am really enjoying the free time today - it finally decided to stop raining. we were going on seven days straight, the plants were not happy. but, they seem to be enjoying the fresh air on the deck. hmmmm, i think i will go enjoy the fresh air on the deck.............

gettin' naked up in canada - another photo for spencer tunick's nude photo series.

2001 may 25

when the hell are my blog*spots going to be up & running? i miss urban forest!

okay, lots to discuss today. first off, big hello to dramabug - it's a pleasure to find another phunky sister on the web! i'm very close to getting my domain up & running -, here i come......big, BIG props to j3s for getting in touch with luke, my new host.

all set for a big dance party tonight: sound tribe sector 9 at the logan square auditorium - minutes from my apartment. this will be my first time seeing sts9, i'm really looking forward to the music.

2001 may 24

style? robert downey has it. without a doubt.

it's official - the good ol' boys are screwed! big thank you to senator jeffords. in his own words:

"In order to best represent my state of Vermont, my own conscience and principals that I have stood for my whole life, I will leave the Republican Party and become an independent," Jeffords said as his supporters erupted in cheers.
2001 may 23

bring it, jeffords! i will update as soon as an announcement is made, but here's to hoping we give bush the big shaft.

please, take a minute and sign the ticketmaster petition. thank you!

2001 may 22

check out the new design at this is a great resource for articles, updates, interviews, and of course, finding live music in your area, or all over the country.

also, don't miss out on the 1000 journals project. i am trying to get my hands on a journal to pass around, but i haven't been able to nail anything down yet. wish me luck!

first, it was an article i came across on then, PBS frontline runs a special that has incredible ties to the story. now, rolling stone is finally coming to understand that the murder of B.I.G. may be related to a corrupt police force of gansta cops. interesting stuff......

2001 may 18

now, this works well on a hung over friday morning: gw vs. alaska.

2001 may 16

can't quite make it sound any better than this:

"I think that every human being has a responsibility to address social issues in whatever they do, and not just musicians. I think that it's important that we are aware of each other and that we care about things outside of ourselves."
taken from an interview with ani difranco on
2001 may 14

this is exciting: christopher moore has finished his new book - finally ;-) and it should hit the stores sometime early next year. it's over 500 pages - killer. read this man. extremely funny stuff. contact me if you've been blessed enough to read something by chris. and, in other exciting news, Coyote Blue has been optioned into a movie and it looks promising. as opposed to every other time one of his books gets optioned - this one might happen!

didn't see this coming? it's only going to get worse. just wait for dubya to fill up the supreme court with more idiots. medical marijuana will never get the right ruling with this current bunch.

2001 may 11

this is an interesting piece about don delillo - from Reason magazine. for some time, delillo has continued to write exceptional novels, yet remains relatively unknown to the masses. i was given a delillo book back in high school, just when i was starting to learn how to expand my mind. it was an interesting tale, Great Jones Street, about the fall of a music god. his style stayed with me, and i've read a few more, including his masterpiece Underworld. so, do yourself a favor & check out his work.

2001 may 10

it's almost friday! going to see U2 this weekend - should be an interesting show. i hope they play lots of goodies from the old days. not much else going on.....been real busy at work, so i've fallen behind on some communication. working on it, kids ;)

2001 may 9

mia, my girl, is coming to visit! i just got to see her in lake tahoe, and now she is coming back to the midwest-side.

too bad i can't get down to graduation this weekend. i miss my chambana kids - and another crew is leaving, bringing my circle of kids down in urbana to an even slimmer group. still give props to the ol' U of I, though. my four years at college kicked some serious boot-TAY! but, it's all about livin in the windy city..........nothing quite like summer in chicago. sweet.

2001 may 8

i had to make some changes........things are not quite where i want them, and i have to hit up some of my behind the scenes pages. but, i couldn't stand it any longer. change is good - right?

anyone else see that minute maid commercial with popeye & bluto? very interesting, and slate has been looking into this trend for awhile. what exactly is minute maid telling consumers?

2001 may 7

okay, craziness. just a few minutes ago, the radio reported that lou reed was dead! however, they just got back on the air with the VP saying that it got a bunk press release from "reuters" which said lou had died in NYC last night. he's alive & well, been in europe for a few weeks!? thank jeebus.

monday sucks. monday after a weekend of partying hard sucks.

2001 may 2

things are starting to get back into a manageable groove - parties are in the works & i am back to giving you the goods:

have no fear, the simpsons are here to stay - well, at least for 2 more seasons, with an option for a third. this is justice served!

just when you are reaching the breaking point, all sorts of new stuff is coming to fill up our phishy reserves. one of the most promising efforts comes from the mockingbird foundation - a tribute album that is put together as if it were one actual phish show, complete with two sets & an encore. some really great artists are coming together to show their respect of the band, the phans, and music lovers all over!


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