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2001 october 29

ooooh - the new episodes of absolutely fabulous will debut on comedy central, starting november 12th, 8 pm central. i've heard mixed reviews, but can't wait to see for myslef how the show has been updated [link fron renee].

2001 october 28

the oysterhead episode of reverb, taped on the 27th of october in LA, will air on november 21st.

2001 october 25

i miss phish. i can't get this song out of my head:

time is me and I should know
I knew this several months ago
I knew more than I do now
for I've been turned around somehow

relax the world will spin beside itself and suck you in
with threats and hopes beyond compare

I change the landscape as I pass
meandering from sand to glass
I suction there for one whole day
until the feeling goes away

I don't need these orbits in my life
revolve and cycle through
don't keep coming back for more

I don't need this circular design
wheel and spin away from me
you've been by here before

I've lost my mind
I've lost my way
I'm bound to lose
You wonder where I am

it's been too long since the last show - see for yourself ;-)

2001 october 23

as a fan of don delillo, it's nice to see salon recognize him as having a brilliant career. this item is more for my own personal pleasure, as i need to read it at a later date. once again, i'm back working on-site and my time spent browsing is severely limited.

2001 october 21

i'm going to see ani difranco tonight with one of my old housemates from urbana. i tried to get a ticket earlier this week, but it had sold out. her sister couldn't make it - worked out nicely for me. i haven't seen ani since may '99, and i'm excited to hear lots of new material.

2001 october 19

what is art? a cleaner at a london gallery mistook an installation by damien hirst as a pile of rubbish and cleared it away - oops! luckily the artist found this act "hilariously funny" and no one has lost a job over the mishap.

page six reports that woody harrelson is traveling around in a converted 1977 Chicago Transit bus that runs on hemp fuel! the bus is called the "mothership" - and when woody is not using it for his personal transportation, you can find it on the SOL tour.

2001 october 17

take a look at this beautiful photo; isn't fall great?! [link from pure sugar, a new find]

given my love for dale chihuly, this piece of news is very exciting:

World-renowned glass artist Dale Chihuly has works on display in more than 180 museums around the world. Now for the first time Chihuly's dynamic, ravishingly beautiful creations will mingle with nature in a house made of glass. Chihuly in the Park: A Garden of Glass will be on display at the historic Garfield Park Conservatory.
2001 october 16

check out my roommate j3s' latest project: - an attempt to stay away from corporate grocery stores, but even more so, a way to support our local neighborhood shops at the same time!

i'm back in the office for a day or two - it's so nice to be back in familiar, comfortable surroundings! as i'm working through a long list of favorite bookmarks, i came across the latest get crafty installment of "real women in real homes", and, it's ariel!

check out the forest loft, even though it is not her current dwelling, it still made me happy to see it again ;-)

2001 october 15

last night was incredible! bjrk is such an amazing artist & performer, i only wish i could experience it again...

read a review of last night's show.

2001 october 13

another weekend full of good times. last night, went for dinner at the vegetarian express gourmet, a vegan restaurant down near my parents place. i brought a little crew with me, and it went over very well. especially, atom, the only vegan in the bunch. nice to find a restaurant full of good food one can eat without no hesitations.

on to the big news: as we speak, "return to armitage 4" is in the making ;-) yes, that's right, tonight is the latest in a series of parties at the apartment. the last one was back in june, much too long ago. we've all been busy, we're celebrating many birthdays, so the time is ripe! however, all my roomies are sleeping, and we've got much to do before night falls, so i better get movin'...

oh yeah, and lastly, tomorrow i will see bjrk, at the civic opera house, in chicago. wow!!

2001 october 9

i practice jedi, and you? [thanks to murph for keeping me in the loop]

spent my wonderful day off yesterday at six flags great america. it was a beautiful day, but 2 hours consisted of waiting in line for the latest ride, dj vu. it was crazy! fun ride, but 2 hours was a bit much. i'm glad i waited, rollercoasters are meant for that long wait, hearing the screams, excitement building, all that jazz.

2001 october 7

another exciting fall weekend in chicago - actually, we just turned our heat on for the first time! yesterday was lovely, a whole lot of sun & a little bit of chill; went to a local pug parade, as my brother has a pug & now my entire family can't get enough of them. it was great, pugs all over the place, and with all the excitement, you didn't hear any barking. those dogs are pretty well mannered, although some can be quite a handful ;-)

today, on another perfect fall day, i'm heading down to SOFA, the art expo, to see this exhibit: chihuly at the holstein gallery. great stuff!

2001 october 1

oh yeah - the cocktail lounge is open!! you can read my entry here, it's called a "cold front" - enjoy!

did i really just type october up there?! is that possible? time to flip the calendars once, oh my, where did september go? oh yeah, now i remember......

here is an interesting story from while most of us sat watching horrible images on tv, others were out to make a buck - registering domain names related to the tragedies.


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