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2001 november 25

i really needed this holiday! the past few days have been great: visting friends - both in and out of town, eating good food, spending time with family, eating, starting a little bit of holiday shopping, and buying new music, among other things.

given my love for books, many times i wind up with plenty of new books waiting for my time. however, with music, i can appreciate the experience right away. therefore, instead of asking for books (and book certificates) for the holidays, it's all about the music!

here are the three i purchased yesterday at best buy:

  1. jurassic five - quality control
  2. black eyed peas - bridging the gap
  3. david byrne - look into the eyeball
2001 november 19

did anyone catch oysterhead on conan last week? i missed it; kinda forgot, kinda fell asleep. anyhow, how was it? care to share a review? send me your thoughts.

persistance pays off! the admin over at 1000 journals messaged me today. we chatted a few months back, about the possibility of obtaining one of the journals - i couldn't find anyone in illinois to cough one up, so i took matters into my own hands ;) there is a new system, and anyone can sign up to receive a journal. you'll be added to a list, sending it on to the next person after you finish. you can still pass it around to friends, you just have to get it out in a reasonable amount of time.

finally, another plug for j3s - check out her latest project: the name says it all, i believe.

2001 november 14

a few months ago, i watched the program beneath the veil, on CNN. this weekend, the next installment airs, unholy war. the journalist "returned to afghanistan, this time crossing the border into the area controlled by the anti-Taliban Northern Alliance. the trip was a personal quest to check on three girls she met while doing her earlier documentary." i suggest checking out the schedule for this coming sunday [fyi: domestic schedule, eastern time].

oysterhead alert: performing on late night with conan o'brien tomorrow, thursday night on NBC.

if i wasn't such a stickler with $$$, i'd try this instantly: brown sugar body polish. yummy!

2001 november 13

oh yes, just a quick note - i owe mad email! if you are one of those people, i slack big time. hopefully i can get to all the messages soon enough, but until i'm back in my office, things are moving at snail's pace.

children of the 80's: virtual lite brite! [link from j3s, my roommate]

2001 november 12

the new episodes of absolutely fabulous begin tonight at 8 pm central!

after watching the old seasons over & over [my roommate has a few of the tapes], it will be nice to see how they have "updated" the program.

2001 november 7

how will you fare in the next society? the economist tells you what needs to be done to prepare for it.

will the fashion magazines stop catering to socialite snobs in stilettos?

according to, "Manolo Blahnik, high priest of high-end footwear, changed his plan to sell a pair of titanium-heeled 3.5 inch stilettos. The shoes' heels, razor-sharp and as thin as the ink tube of a ballpoint pen, were capable of slicing through carpet or human flesh." now, why was he designing these shoes in the first place!? jeebus....interesting article, though.

2001 november 5

updated my shows list.

oysterhead weekend went off with success! my little crew that ventured down to west lafayette on saturday night all thought the indy show blew aragon out of the water.

my brief account: the sound was great, i could actually see (!!) the performers, and stewart copeland is the man! the reviews of the aragon show were not the best, but honestly, it was a crappy show. the sound inside the aragon is horrible, and you could barely hear les claypool going off. all in all, i'm very happy i made it to two shows, even with all the similarity in set lists, i'd rather see more than one show if it means having the chance to catch an "off-night", followed by a night of exciting, well performed music.

2001 november 2

heather's fabulous friday five:

1. do you eat breakfast? what did you have today? most definitely! onion bagel with chive cream cheese was today's selection.

2. what beverages do you usually have in a typical day? crystal light raspberry ice with breakfast, coffee upon arrival at work, and water throughout the day.

3. white bread or wheat bread? usually wheat bread, but lately it's been white, and not just any white bread - it has to be bimbo!

4. what's your favorite kind (potato/tortilla/corn) and flavor of chip? never been into chips much, i prefer a nice rold gold pretzel.

5. how do you plan to spend your weekend? it's oysterhead weekend, baby - this kid is ready to play!

[link from dawn, a new chicago find!]

2001 november 1

here is an interesting review of one of the recent U2 concerts at madison square garden: the founder and editor in chief of attends the show and gives his own review.


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