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2002 february 14

first off, happy Y valentine's Y day to all my friends!

i ordered a few more magazines in the last few days: real simple and national geographic - thanks to lacey and murphy for the suggestions.

our isp is still acting up. we made it two nights without interruption, but it went down again last night. so frustrating. i think we're supposed to have a backup dial-up connection from earthlink, but my roommate needs to dig into this & find out if we can get a backup until this is resolved. personally, i have some weird feelings about what is happening - could this be virus-related? does anyone have any ideas? if so, shoot me an email. the only thing sprint suggested was to look and see if something is blocking the dish. um, yeah, okay, it's only 4 stories above the ground & pointed directly at the sears tower - and why the hell would it only be blocked at night!?

whatever. this is too much stress for simply connecting to the internet. DSL will be ordered very soon, for the next year on armitage.

also, i'm linking in a few different sites for my next food adventure: fondue! i can't wait to try some of these out....

| all recipes | recipe source | just crockpot recipes | fondue collection |

2002 february 11

update: our service stayed up through the entire night yesterday - how exciting. i hope that whatever weird bug was causing us to go down is gone, but i will believe it when i see it [fingers crossed]!

the weekend was thoroughly relaxing. i spent friday night driving down to urbana with my roommate, amanda. visited some old friends, saw victor wooten at the canopy club - just had an all around good time and got rid of that itch that kept telling me to get out of town for a bit. sometimes the feeling of the open road is just a great way to unwind - and, honestly, i didn't even realize how much i needed it until i hit I-57 and started the trek to urbana.

next weekend - return to armitage V! send me a message for details.

2002 february 10

something is really wrong with my isp - every night, our service goes down, like clockwork. sometime between 6 pm and 8 pm, and it's down until really late/early morning.

things may be quiet around here, as we not scheduled for service until the 18th - grrrrrr.

2002 february 8

another great episode of frontline last night: american porn. according to the report, ashcroft was all set to bring down the industry back in september; looks like a few things got in the way.

watch out for some major prosecution to drop in the coming months - are the glory days over?

2002 february 5

i'v got food on the brain - and not much else apparently ;)

cressida has a new blog, check out the frustrated chef for recipes, menu ideas and all around talk about food - good stuff! brought to you by another awesome phunky bitch.

i also just subscribed to cooking light - see, food is on the brain. i've been in the mood to subscribe to some magazines lately, i'm also considering national geographic, but haven't made up my mind yet.

2002 february 1

first off, my apologies to all for missing to link one of the best pieces of pop culture in my lifetime. last night, my roommates & i watched the showdown in vegas - the 30th anniversary primetime special for "the price is right". it rocked! i haven't had that much fun watching television since, well, maybe the survivor finales. you should have seen the kid's face that got to play plinko - for up to $50,000 too! he was verklempt - it was priceless ;)

next up, time to educate yourself.

the topic: pipelineistan. part 1 - the rules of the game; part 2 - the games nations play. very, very interesting stuff.


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